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5'000'000 INSC


Last update June 25, 20:12 UTC


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What is InsCoin for Knox?

The KNOX project will be the first insurance company that merges the real world with the digital one using Blockchain technology, creating the most efficient and advanced structure in the sector, to find a solution to the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies.

The insurance policies issued by Knox Insurance will be both in traditional paper form and in the form of smart contracts, allowing the customer to monitor their policies in real time, in full transparency and safety. Thanks to the platform developed by knox insurance, the policies will evolve to become fully automated and eliminate any possibility of conflict of interest between the parties involved.

InsCoin Companies around the world

Insurance companies will be established in Lisbon, Dubai and the Bermuda Islands, to allow Knox insurance to operate in different legislations and allow a token economy on a global scale.

Why can the Blockchain change the Insurance Industry?

InsCoin for Customers

for Costumers

  • The smart contract prevents the diffusion of fraudulent insurance policies because it is the same system that will issue them after receiving payment.

  • The customer has total control of the insurance policy written on the Blockchain, checkable by anyone at any time.

  • The customer, through the WEB and Mobile platform, can access all the company's services and verify his policies.

InsCoin for Companies

for Insurance Company

  • With the smart contract, there will be no delays in collecting premiums, this will significantly improve the company's cash flow.

  • Thanks to the Blockchain, a fraudulent policy can never be charged to the Company.

  • Blockchain improves operational processes and ensures a totally unassailable security system.

InsCoin for Brokers

for Brokers

  • Earning credibility in front of policy holders and beneficiaries.

  • Instant check of his admin report.

  • Immediate allocation of commissions.


The certification of the authenticity of the policies will be carried out partly on the internal platform of Knox Insurance and partly on the Blockchain of Ethereum. At the end of the certification process, will be issued a smart contract  that combines the authenticity and coverage of the policy while respecting the privacy rights of the contracting parties.

Deflation Plan and Token Economy

15% of the supply (Broker WhoSaler reservers) will, at the end of the ICO, be temporarily blocked by a smart contract for 1 year. Starting from this basis we have foreseen a further controlled reduction of the working capital based on the sale of insurance policies.The collection of premiums in inscoin is articulated like this:

  • For premiums < $ 1'000'000 1% must be paid in INSC.

  • For premiums < $ 100'000 3% must be paid in INSC.

  • For premiums < $ 50'000 5% be paid in INSC.

  • For premiums < $ 10'000 10% must be paid in INSC.

  • For premiums < $ 500 20% must be paid in INSC.

The inscoin collected per single policy, as soon as received by the company, will be blocked by a smart contract for a period of one year. After this, they will subsequently be released at a quarterly rate of 25% of the total received and used to support the increase in turnover of the three companies and ensure a healthy token economy.

Deflation Plan & Token Economy

Token Sale


Ticker: INSC

Type: ERC20

Supply: 500'000'000 INSC

Price: 1 ETH=5'000 INSC

Pre-Sale 1st Phase

Pre-Sale 1st Phase

June 23 - 30
Cap: 1'000 ETH

Bonus 30%

Pre-Sale 2nd Phase

Pre-Sale 2nd Phase

‍‍Cap: 1'500 ETH

Bonus 27.5%

Pre-Sale 3rd Phase

Pre-Sale 3rd Phase

Cap: 5000 ETH

Bonus 25%

Token Sale

Token Sale

Cap: 31'944 ETH

Bonus from 20% to 0%


Bonus ICO InsCoin

Additional Bonus based on investment

During the Token Sale (Pre-ICO and ICO) there will be Bonus based on investment amount.
For 10 - 29 ETH will be a +5% Bonus of INSC In addition to the periodical bonus.
For 30 - 49 ETH will be a +10% Bonus of INSC In addition to the periodical bonus.
For > 50 ETH will be a +15% Bonus of INSC In addition to the periodical bonus.


If you are a Broker contact us ([email protected]), we can provide you special bonuses.

Tokens Allocation

Tokens Allocation INSC

54% - Token Sale

15% - Broker WholeSaler

10% -  Team & Advisors

10% - Broker Network partnership

9% - Reserve for the 3 companies

2% - Airdrop & Bounty program

Use of funds

Use of funds INSC

60% - Insurance Companies Set-up

20% - Platform Development

10% - Marketing

10% - Reserve funds

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InsCoin for Knox Project ICO rating
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 InsCoin for Knox Project

Latest News

Public Events

ICORace - InsCoin (INSC)Aperitech - InsCoin (INSC)


We have already made significant investments and closed important collaborations with market players in the Pre-ICO phase.  Our in-depth knowledge of the insurance world has enabled us to draw up this roadmap as accurately as possible.


March 2017

Study project realization
Team Building Establishment of the first collaborative network


May 2017

Forecast Business plan
Legal consulting 
Invested €150.000


July 2017

IT insurance licensed platform
Invested €300.000 for certified insurance platform


October 2017

Insurance partnerships
Partnership with more than 300 insurance brokers ready to work with the companies


June - August 2018

Token Sale
Start of the Token Sale


September 2018

Trade inscoin on the main exchanges
InsCoin will be listed on main exchanges to guarantee easy implementation to future customers of the companies and proper volumes compared to our income.


Q3 2018

Compliance to obtain insurance license
We will obtain authorizations from official authorities of the three nations to provide legal insurance service.


Q4 2018

Introduction of internal platform
With it the customer will be able to access its policy via smart contract.


Q4 2018

Smart contract in the insurance business
The smart contract will be more and more protagonist of the insurance industry

Whitepaper and Business Plan

The KNOX project will be the first insurance company that merges the real world with the digital one using Blockchain technology, creating the most efficient and advanced structure in the sector, to find a solution to the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies. With the smart contract the spread of false insurance policies is avoided because it is the same system that issues them after receiving the payment. With the smart contract the company won't have delay in collecting credits, as the policy is issued only after receiving the payment. This factor aims to significantly improve the management of the company itself. With the smart contract in the event of accidents the real judge who will decide whether or not to pay them is no longer the company, which could have an opportunistic behavior, but the blockchain system that, in a totally disinterested by the human opinion, will decide if this accident is compliant with the provisions in the policy. This benefit will be the most important as it will increase the transparency of the company towards customers.



Business Plan



Executive Team

Agostino R. Luongo

Agostino R. Luongo

Chief Executive Officer

Anna M. Calcagni

Anna M. Calcagni

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Trifiletti

Simone Trifiletti

Chief Operating Officer

Gennaro Scalise

Gennaro Scalise

Insurance Network Specialist

Giuseppe Stabile

Giuseppe Stabile


Alessandro Preti

Alessandro Preti

Marketing & Communication

Giuseppe Luongo

Giuseppe Luongo


Andrea Mancini

Andrea Mancini

Chief Marketing Officer


Silvio Papa

Silvio Papa


Francesco Saraco

Francesco Saraco


Simone Stella

Simone Stella


Mario Moschetta

Mario Moschetta

Human Resources

Francesco Di Luzio

Francesco Di Luzio

Support & Communication

Riccardo Milani

Support & Communication

Enzo Monesi

Enzo Monesi

Support & Communication

Stefano Marozzi

Stefano Marozzi

Support & Communication


Francesco Piras

Francesco Piras

Mauro Pili

Mauro Pili

Klemen Stibilj

Klemen Stibilj

Lucrezia Cosentino

Lucrezia Cosentino



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